creative cloudworks. LLC 

Our goal is to make sure your brand gets seen and heard.

Creative Cloudworks is a Los Angeles based creative agency who's focus is in helping businesses have an impact online. We are a team of creative professionals for all your creative needs, from web and graphic design to marketing and media production.

Kat Contreras

Photographer + Digital Producer

Merilou Salazar

Writer + Digital Producer

Greg Pacificar

Writer + Producer


"I really enjoyed working with Kat. She was such a professional, so efficient and had a great eye as a photographer. When I needed a new DP for a series I produce called, "Let Leslie Tell It," she made a seamless transition and went above and beyond to be accommodating to our (pregnant) hostess; providing a location, all equipment, and even offering her editing services. Kat is top quality."
Issa Rae

"Not only does Kat have amazing artistic skill, talent, and a highly trained eye but she has the uncanny ability to balance the fine line between art and business - very rare in our field.


I have had the opportunity to work with Kat on a huge project that elevated our companies' stature in our own creative community. Without hesitation, and with great confidence, she executed our project with extreme grace and a strategic mindset. She helped us put our best foot forward during an unpredictable and stressful time. For that, I will be forever grateful to be her foxhole buddy! Kat is a vital member of our freelance team."
Managing Partner at Underground Jam

Kat translated my vision into a clean and welcoming design, which represents our brand. The process doesn't feel like marketing or strategizing, but instead, is organic and conversational. She gets the artistry of business, as she is a visual artist herself, and this is the edge she has over other web designers. I am so very happy with my website! And our customers love it too! "
Arlene Yuan,Owner