All Day Sunday

CreativeCloudworks.’ promotional video for All Day Sunday is a refreshing diversion from your typical mainstream advertising. All Day Sunday is a Female-Led, LGBTQ+ inclusive wellness company. All Day Sunday creates topical cannabis-infused personal lubricant for the purpose of alleviating pain felt by people who menstruate and enriching sensual pleasure. All Day Sunday takes a modern perspective on self-care, encouraging the exploration of pleasure with oneself and partners.

The All Day Sunday promotional video starts with the sound of water droplets against a warm desert. We see vibrant colored fabrics loosely draped around humans of different skin tones, gender expression and sexual orientation. Using the backdrop of Joshua Tree, the viewer is taken into a world where they are celebrated in their own skin and shame does not exist. 

CreativeCloudworks. shares a visual expression of touch during a time when we cannot share physical closeness. The production team for CreativeCloudworks. on All Day Sunday is led and operated by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folx. Kat Contreras, shot and edited the film. It is co-directed by Gregory Pacificar with first assistant camera by Tyce Rose. Original music score is by Cecile Believe. The actors are styled by Charlese Antoinette with set design by Melissa Leong and set production by Jessie Meehan and Merilou Salazar. All Day Sunday was Shot in Joshua Tree, California.

Written by Nicole Endler for CreativeCloudworks.
Visuals by Kat Contreras