What’s Python?

What’s Python? A programming language that has been around for about 20 years.

What’s a programming language?  A programming language is a written language that tells computers what to do, and it usually involves work!

Last week, Redmonk reported their programming language rankings of 2020 which shows that Python is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite.  Throughout the past decade Python continues to grow in popularity amongst web designers and software engineers. This is due to its flexibility, ease of reference and also its global community support.

What also makes Python so powerful is that it can be used across platforms and different disciplines.  Scientists, engineers and accountants all enjoy Python’s automation and ease of use. We are as excited about Python as everyone else!

Creative Cloudworks uses programming languages everyday, specifically to build out web layouts and automate processes.  In house we use a combination of programming languages to ensure that the products we build are solid and trustworthy.  Python helps us automate our most mundane server side activities, like parsing for SEO and generating redundant CSS.  It saves our time and yours!

If you’d like to learn more regarding our best practices or are interested working together drop us a line! We’d love to connect.

A graph that shows the different programming languages ranked by popularity